Utah News presents important state and local information and a perspective independent of the special interests that dominate “mainstream media” in Utah. We know that issues like digital ID, the nature of and motive behind school curriculum, voting on the internet, and our future energy supply may have some affect on your life today, and may greatly affect your life in the future. We can’t say the same about much that passes as news on the corporate outlets.

Utah News is a platform where written news stories, pictures, political cartoons, and audio and video content are presented. We are in a collaboration with NewsForAmerica, which will add national news and talk content to our platform.

Utah News is the first project of a not-for-profit organization in Utah, the Secure Freedom Fund, which strives for individual empowerment through access to critical information. So… we don’t have corporate clients. We’re not beholden to follow the latest social engineering fad. We don’t tell our show hosts what to say. We are nearly all-volunteer, but we are blessed with some volunteers with tremendous experience.

We will be adding more regular features as we go and more news stories daily. We are building toward a full schedule of live streaming content and a robust presentation of written stories. Let us know what you think so far. We want you to be a part of it.