Can We Safely Ignore the Government?

Can We Safely Ignore the Government? There is no distinctively native American criminal class, save Congress. Mark Twain Tweet Any parent knows you don’t take your eyes off a three-year old. If it seems too quiet around the house, an unsupervised little one may be getting into some sort of trouble. The government is a […]

How Can We Think for Ourselves?

How Can We Think for Ourselves? “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” Mark Twain (possibly misattributed) Tweet The news has never been, in the words of Dragnet’s Sergeant Joe Friday, “just the facts, ma’am.” Pretty much everyone has an agenda. How do we sift fact […]

Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid How can we fight the fear when the latest horrible threat to our lives and freedom is right in our face? The fear of a thing can paralyze us even if the thing itself never happens. As we see the machinations of those who would rob us of our liberty, let’s remember […]