Daughter of Daily Herald Reporter "Disagrees Better" by Striking and Spitting on Orem City Mayor.

Below is video from Sept 19th after a city council meeting showing the alleged attack via Linnea Pugmire on the Orem City Mayor Dave Young and a bystander. Linnea Pugmire goes to strike and spits on the mayor and on the bystander at separate times. 

Linnea Pugmire is the daughter of the Daily Herald reporter that has been writing pieces on the Orem City mayor Dave Young. In the video Mayor Young references an article written just the night before. 

Below is an account from Michelle Lee’s facebook page. 

From Michelle Lee

-Daughter of Daily Herald Reporter, Genelle Pugmire, Arrested for Physically Assaulting Orem Mayor-
I was witness to a horrific attack last night after the city council meeting. I was with a small group outside after the meeting. Mayor Young walked by, and I stopped him to tell him I thought he did a great job during the meeting. While we were talking, a blue car came speeding towards us, slammed on its brakes, and a person jumped out of the car and approached the Mayor screaming in his face. She yelled, “I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” In an instant, the assailant lunged at the Mayor and spit phlegm onto his face and also onto my sister.
We realized that the assailant was the daughter of Daily Herald reporter, Genelle Pugmire.
The assailant had her keys on a lanyard that she was swinging around in a threatening manner as she was continuing to yell. Her behavior was erratic and unhinged. We didn’t know if she had a weapon on her, besides her keys, or what exactly her plans were. It was terrifying and upsetting.
The assailant continued to scream at and verbally attack Mayor Young. The assailant lunged at the Mayor and punched him in the head. She then punched my sister in the head immediately after.
After about 6 and a half minutes of the confrontation, the police arrived. She was detained and arrested. She threatened Mayor Young while she was being arrested. She said, “this liar and cheat deserves everything that’s coming to him.”
Obviously this was a very traumatic experience and we are still reeling. It’s horrific that this could happen here. I have a lot of thoughts on this but I think one of the main things to understand here is that the lies, the vitriol, the divisiveness, the political attacks have got to stop!
The skewed, one sided articles from the Daily Herald, the disgusting, despicable personal attacks and lies that have been carefully crafted by Stronger Together have emboldened this person to physically attack the Mayor and private citizens.
This was an attack on our city.
The Daily Herald and Genelle Pugmire have been complicit in the lies being put forth by Stronger Together.
At what point do we say enough is enough!? Stronger Together: your lies have consequences! Your lies have led to this person sitting in jail in what appear to be felony charges right now! Take responsibility for the part you have played in the awful division you have caused in our city.
Your intentional manipulation has led to higher taxes, more school closures, and now what appear to be felony assault charges.
Genelle Pugmire’s daughter is the one who ultimately decided to attack the Mayor, but she never would have made that decision without being constantly fed lies and propaganda by Stronger Together and the Daily Herald.
This PIC has already been the subject of a criminal complaint to the Lieutenant Governor’s office.
We need the Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General to launch a full investigation into this PIC and the radicalization that their lies have created. This was a terrifying attack on our Mayor. But more than that, it’s an attack on our very form of government, and it’s an attack on our city.
It’s very concerning that we currently have a candidate for city council, Jenn Gale, who helped form this radical group whose commitment to spreading false propaganda led to this attack on our Mayor. It’s also very concerning that there are three city council candidates who have willingly entangled themselves with this group, Stronger Together.
Stronger Together: your political games have real life consequences. Take the criminal complaint against you for illegal use of your PIC and election interference very seriously. Let this motivate you to do better. This is a tragedy. This never had to happen.
We need the Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General to and conduct a full investigation into the activities of this PIC that has been spewing disinformation and propaganda to such an extent that it radicalized this person to attack our Mayor.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/516225621/videos/682236203965949/

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